Vasco Matias
Vasco Matias,
Curel's CEO


Curel concentrates all its productivity in the manufacture of knives, pocket knives and kitchen utensils. Knives represent more than 70% of the production, with a wide gamma range of knive types and designs.

Stainless steel blades molybdenum vanadium hard carbon, using the latest technologies in the steel tempera in controlled atmosphere furnaces, ground and polished in automatic CNC machines. Assembly, finishing and grinding produced by the hands of cutlery masters.

Curel has its own facilities, in approximately 9000 m2 covered area.

To meet market needs, the range of Curel gamma products has been enlarged.



Established in 1977 and initially structured to meet regional market needs, Curel have been extending its activity to both national and international markets.

Requests from national and international markets led to investments for expansion and technological modernization, increasing its responsiveness and its competitiveness through significant savings, decisive factors for good performance in the markets where Curel is represented.

The evolution of the company went through a growing attention to the market, competing in the cutlery sector with a wider range of products. This allowed a growing recognition and implementation in the sector, with 50% sales in national market and the remaining 50% in international markets.



To be recognized as a reference company, leader in the manufacture and marketing of cutlery for domestic and professional use.

Providing maximum satisfaction through the provision of cutlery with the highest quality and overall service assurance.

Collaborate with suppliers, customers and other partners to find the best solutions and achieve the desired final quality.